Orangeries in North Wales

Elegant, luxurious, versatile yet secure, energy efficient and low-maintenance

We all have visions of grand orangeries in the grounds of stately homes, a vision that we equate with class and luxury. Now, orangeries are part of a choice any homeowner makes when choosing a conservatory-style addition to their house. Trade Frames North Wales is proud to offer a range of orangeries to add style to any property type.

What is the difference between an orangery and a conservatory?

This question is often asked of us and it comes down to simple structural differences. Orangeries were originally a sign of wealth and status and were often built separately to the main home on a large scale. They were designed to house and protect citrus trees at a time when oranges and lemons were not readily available, and then developed into houses for a wider range of exotic plants to shelter them during winter months.

Now they can be seen as an elegant extension to any home. Orangeries have more brickwork than conservatories, with brick-built pillars, large glass panes and, most commonly, lantern roofs. The emphasis is still on luxury and elegance while modern glazing technology ensures comfort, security and regular temperatures inside.

Conservatories are mostly glass structures without brick supports, and are traditionally spaces where you are immediately connected to the outside garden via glass walls. A conservatory usually has a minimum of 75% glazing in the roof, although at Trade Frames North Wales we offer conservatory roof replacement, where you can seamlessly make the conservatory a seamless extension to your property with a tiled roof.

Skypod Lantern Roofs

Let in the light…simple to install, elegant design

At Trade Frames North Wales, we fit our orangeries with Skypod lantern roofs. These flood your orangery with natural light, enhance space and add height. Beautifully designed with clean, minimalist lines, they enhance your home with a contemporary, elegant look, on both pitched and flat roofs. They come in a range of sizes, and can be square, 2- or 3-bar designs, with energy efficiency at their core. The glass is available in clear, neutral, blue or bronze, and choose self-cleaning glass for a low-maintenance yet elegant window to the sky. A choice of frame colours ensures Skypod lantern roofs complement perfectly your elegant orangery.

Choose a Trade Frames North Wales orangery and benefit from:

  • Modern double-glazing which brings thermal efficiency via the frames and glass panes. Warm air is kept inside and cool air is kept outside, meaning your orangery does not suffer from seasonal variations in temperature – you can use it all year round.
  • Fully insulated base and walls.
  • No bright glare due to the range of glazing colours available.
  • Superior security features on all windows and doors.
  • A range of sizes to suit your orangery design.
  • A choice of frame colours to complement the style of your home.
  • A luxurious, light and elegant space – adding value to your property.