Aluminium Bi-Folding Doors

Change your outlook with our aluminium bi-folding door

Transform the way you live with a beautifully designed aluminium bi-folding door. Make the most of panoramic views from your living room, bedroom, kitchen or conservatory by maximizing your view to the outside through the use of stunning glazing with slimline frames. When closed, a bi-fold door adds a clean, contemporary look to your home, and open they create an unobtrusive and seamless transition from the inside to the outside.

Light & Easy To Use

Aluminium is durable but light, giving it strength while making your bi-folding door incredibly easy to operate. As the door glides on stainless steel rollers, it requires no effort to open, however large the door, while maintaining its structural integrity. Your aluminium bi-folding door can open either in- or outwards and can be opened fully from the centre like a French door, or from the side – you choose!

Colour Options

Our bi-folding doors come in a wide range of colours which won’t fade or weather, including dual colours, metallic finishes and woodgrain effects. You can colour match your bi-fold door to the colour of your doors, even on dual colours. Whatever the style of your home or the colour of your existing windows, we will be able to find the perfect matching door for you.

Your choice of door furniture

The choices don’t stop with the colour and finish of your door: You can choose from a wide range of high quality door furniture too in standard colours and finishes. You can choose from traditional lever or ‘D’ looped handles in a range of colours, and can colour-match handles to the doors.

Thermally Efficient

By using modern glazing technology, our bi-folding doors are extremely thermally efficient – heat is reflected back into your house to ensure you don’t need to worry about cold spots, even in the winter. Our doors come with a choice of double or triple glazing too.

Security as Standard

High security features come as standard and include multi-locking points on all opening sashes, shootbolts and internally glazed units with toughened glass to mitigate against unwanted visitors. Child-friendly safety features prevent trapped fingers or a door suddenly slamming shut.

Weather resistant

Aluminium is an extremely durable material and your bi-folding doors will need very little maintenance over their long lifespan – just a wipe over with a damp cloth will keep them looking like new for years to come.

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Our Aluminium Bi-Folding Doors are manufactured by Smart Architectural Aluminium. Here is more technical specifications and downloadable brochures Regarding our Aluminium Bi Folding Doors.


We offer a fantastic array of options when it comes to our Bi-Folding Doors, they are manufactured by one of UK’s leading manufacturers of Aluminium Bi-Folding. Here is a collection of specifications and brochures from�Smart Architectural Aluminium .